Personal Service Insurance, Inc.


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Iola Office:
Loren Korte - All Lines of Insurance/Real Estate
Matthew Korte - Commercial/Business Insurance/Claims
Gari Korte - Accountant
Chris Elmenhorst - Crop/Farm Insurance (also Moran)
Cathy Greenwood - Personal Auto Insurance/Human Resources
Rosan Williams - Farm Insurance/Marketing
Justin Sager - Commercial/Business Insurance

Ashley Hamilton - Receptionist

Fulton Office:
Barbi Savage - All Lines of Insurance

Humboldt Office:
Keith Beeman - Crop Insurance
Laci Sicka - Auto & Homeowner Insurance
Melissa O'Neal - Auto & Homeowner Insurance

Linn County Office:
David Ungeheuer - All Lines of Insurance 

Moran Office:
Cristin Fuller - Receptionist/Crop Insurance
Chris Elmenhorst - Crop/Farm Insurance

Walnut Office:
Don Smith - All Lines of Insurance
Broc Mattox - Sales 

Yates Center Office:
Rosan Williams - Sales

211 South St. - PO Box 506
Iola, KS 66749

Phone: (620) 365-6908
Fax: (620) 365-6928